Logic ERP Customization

Customization is a crucial, lengthy, and costly aspect in the successful implementation of ERP systems, and has, accordingly, become a major specialty of many vendors and consulting companies. This study examines how such companies can increase their clients’ perception of engagement success through increased client trust that is brought about through responsive and dependable customization. Survey data from ERP customization clients show that, as hypothesized, clients’ trust influenced their perception of engagement success with the company. The data also show that clients’ trust in the customization company was increased when the company behaved in accordance with client expectations by being responsive, and decreased when the company behaved in a manner that contradicted these expectations by not being dependable.

Purpose of Logic ERP Customization:


A small‐scale survey among Finnish enterprise resource planning system (ERP) software vendors and consultants on ERP implementation challenges is analysed (n=59). The results are connected to existing literature in the field of deploying ERP systems in the form of discussion.


The consultants' opinions show similar results with studies conducted with companies using ERP systems. The implementer's point of view shows clearly the challenge of using standardized ERP packages for various requirements on different levels. Although the sales presentations tend to emphasize the general purpose and flexibility of software packages, the dilemma between customization and vanilla system remains. The implementer's viewpoint emphasises challenges in operations: production planning, materials management, sales and marketing.

Research Implications

The complexities of large ERP systems represent a true challenge from the knowledge transfer point of view. Standardized ERP packages implement standardized approaches, which has been a key benefit. The results show that the challenges are related to production planning and materials management.

Practical Implications

Software vendors and consultants have a thorough knowledge of ERP implementation, but still the key challenges remain much the same. ERP project deployment requires careful planning with regard to the change management aspects, but also IT related technical aspects. The paper presents a checklist for matching the ERP system with the specific requirements of the company.


The results of the survey triangulate and justify many aspects found in previous research. From the consultants' point of view developments in production planning and complex products are especially needed. Initial solutions and further research are outlined.