Remote Terminal Server

It allows users to log in remotely from various types of workstations and "thin" clients. By logging in users create their own client sessions on the server. Terminal Server works by knowing how to respond to a client process that you run on your local UNIX or Windows host. This "terminal client" presents you with a window that simulates a local monitor. The Terminal Server manages all computing resources for you and provides you with your own environment. The server receives and processes all key strokes and mouse clicks sent by each client and directs display output (audio and video) to each client as appropriate. You have access to all of your authorized network resources and can run any applications made available to you on the server.

Features of Remote terminal server:

Centralized deployment of programs

With Terminal Server, all program execution, data processing, and data storage occur on the server, which centralizes the deployment of programs. Terminal Server ensures that all clients can access the same version of a program. Software is installed only once on the server, rather than on every desktop throughout the organization, which reduces the costs that are associated with updating individual computers.

Remote access to applications

Terminal Server efficiently sends the application display, rather than the underlying application data, from server to client. This means that you can give users access to data-heavy applications over lower-bandwidth connections (for example, a 28.8-Kbps dial-up connection) and provide higher performance than would be possible without Terminal Server.

Single-application access

Terminal Server can provide users with access to a single published application when access to a full Windows XP desktop is not required.

Terminal Services Manager

With Terminal Services Manager, you can view information about terminal servers in trusted domains. This information includes all sessions, users, and processes for each terminal server. You can also use this utility to perform various actions to manage the server.