Our Implementation Process System

We will try to provide guidelines of implementation process as per Tally.ERP9 system. The guidelines are designed for planning / roadmap of complete process as per customer’s requirement / company’s account & inventory management.

Nature of Business/ Requirements:

We study & understand complete customer’s management requirements for Accounts, Inventory & Taxation system and how they managed presently in Tally or their other existing ERP / software, what they expect more than from existing system. We suggest them better way to maintain their documents, reports, analyzing, MIS etc.

Way to Maintain:

Tally managed many things within its default features. We guide customer to understand Tally with contain features and with providing better training. We make them much user friendly with Tally. We are implementing system in phase level, i.e. Master setup, Entry system & reporting level based on features of Finance, Inventory & Taxation etc.


Master Setup

Stock / Process / Godown / Plant etc Masters are suggested with their mapping & statutory details. Masters setup with pre-defined information of raw material consumptions, processing stages, usage wise consumption and production etc.


Order punching, Challan system, manufacturing journal entries with process wise maintaining, stock inward / outward management are suggested and provide trainings.

Training & Guidelines

All stock related transactions & report generating training to users with Tally standard features.


Base on master setup & proper way of transactions, customer gets many reports with clear vision and they can understand system for management & business transaction improvement. We provide them way to analyse their business management.


Master Setup

All accounting head create with their grouping and mapping with Trial Balance, also setup for related statutory details, suggesting them for additional master for MIS purpose, i.e. cost centre, budget etc.

Training & Guidelines

Provide complete training for maintaining financial inputs in system to generate financial reports & receivable / payables. Provides guidelines as per customer’s requirement of management level report and try to fit requirements with default / standard Tally features.