Customizing a system is among the most powerful ways of achieving this in practice, offering a reduction of the lead time for products and quotations. It also achieves faster and more qualified responses to customer inquiries, fewer transfers of responsibility and fewer specification mistakes, a reduction of the resources spent for the specification of customized products, and the possibility of optimizing the products according to customer demands.

We are having customization for following solutions:

Navision Customization

It was designed from the start to allow customization. In fact, modifications are treated the same way as the base source code, with a fully integrated development environment to make customizations even easier. So you get the tailored Microsoft Navision solution you need when you need it.

Tally.ERP9 Customization

ARK interacts closely with the customers, understand their business functions, specific needs, processes & documents it. The team then checks how much of the requirement can be satisfied by using the default functionality of the Tally software. If there is a Gap, it is identified and taken up for Tally Customisation.

Logic ERP Customization

Customization of Logic ERP is a crucial, lengthy, and costly aspect in the successful implementation of ERP systems and has accordingly become a major specialty of many vendors and consulting companies. This study examines how such companies can increase their client's perception of engagement success through increased client trust.